Starting an Online Business – Affiliate Marketing

Starting an online business is what many people are doing for income these days. Many are making thousands of dollars a week by working online.

As there a few ways to make money online, the most profitable online business opportunity is affiliate marketing.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

It is an online business where you send potential customers to another persons’ product. When someone buys that product through your affiliate link (a link that is created for you by your affiliate network that tracks your sales) you earn a commission from that sale. Most products, if you get them from an affiliate network, has a 75% commission rate. This means if you sell a product that is $100, you earn $75 if the commission rate is 75%. Most products from affiliate networks are digital products, meaning they can be sent over the internet as a download. This is the reason why commission rates are so high for those products because they do not cost anything to make.

Where to find products?

You may find products through affiliate networks and many major companies offer affiliate programs. For example, Amazon and eBay. If you direct someone to an amazon product through personalized link built by Amazon you earn money. Of course, with the major companies and physical products the commission rate is lower, but you still earn a descent amount of money.

Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Alright I know what your thinking, “Why doesn’t everyone become an affiliate marketer?”. Well from my experience, not everyone knows that this business opportunity is out there. When I started affiliate marketing I told my parents about it and they had no idea about it.

If you truly thinking about starting an online business, affiliate marketing is the best way to go. It is a business you can operate right over the internet and it is a business which runs on autopilot.